This is what happens when you get 3 broads, 3 voices, and a couple of good tunes going in the Mid Ohio Valley. In Broad Damelight brings you the sweetheart trio Murray Stewart-Jones, Sarah Burton and Jocelyn Adelsperger.

These 3 dames all come from various musical backgrounds. Everything from sweet adelines, blues, country, rock and roll, jazz, funk, etc. You name it. They either thought about it, tried it, or are actually doing it. 

These 3 voices have been working tirelessly together for what seems like no time at all actually. Magically that have whipped up a tasty little set for you and OLF. They’ve all walked many musical miles to get here. Please enjoy the eclectic stylings and soothing 3 part harmonies from this talented trio.

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June 14, 2019

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