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What sevices that OLF Provides for All attendees.

We’re Building a Global Community-with you!- at the Ohio Lesbian Festival

The Ohio Lesbian Festival has grown momentously over the past couple of years. There are some wonderful changes coming in 2018 and we look forward to sharing these with you as the festival season approaches.

Nurturing this womyn’s community, and finding new ways for each woman to be a part of that community building, is an important part of the Ohio Lesbian Festival. Clearly, we all value this festival and what it brings into our lives, much more than a vacation – it allows each of us to grow and belong to a womyn’s village of diversity and sharing. The Planning Team was excited by the outpouring of enthusiasm by attendee volunteers last year- so we are taking that a step further!

This year we are inviting each attendee to join in creating this community by participating in a 2 hour Community Work Shift.
There will be a variety of things to pick from for every ability-from shady sitting to sunny set up and everything in between.

The process is very simple – when you purchase your ticket(s) you will be able to select a day/time slot. When you arrive at Festival, you will stop by the Community Shift Tent-it will be well marked & you can look for it on the map! There you will be able to see what kind of needs there are in the different areas, at the time you signed up for.
If you find you need to change your community shift day/time to another time slot, that can easily be handled with the person at the Community Shift Tent, as well.

We are excited to welcome each of you into this process of working together to build a stronger community and honoring our individual strengths.

OLF Cafe

Everyone’s favorite spot…for coffee

Come get your “honey” from the goddesses of the dawn! Nothing gives us greater joy than serving you coffee with your sleepy faces and bedhead in the morning. We are open all day long and into the night to keep you refreshed and enjoying the festival.

Our coffee has been donated for the 3rd year in a row by lesbian-friendly, Columbus-based Thunderkiss Coffee (@TkissCoffee). Thunderkiss Coffee is locally roasted, Fair Trade, and sold at two lesbian-owned businesses in Columbus: Bake Me Happy (@BakeMeHappyGF) and Bexley Coffee Shop(@BexleyCoffee & @BexleyCoffeeShop).

The Rise! is OLF’s vibrant social gathering space to play, relax, laugh and share.   

2019 Activities will include :

Thursday evening “Rise at Night” music and comedy show featuring Mimi Gonzalaz, Karen Williams, River Hags, and Dames in Broadlight

Natalia Zukerman in “The Women Who Rode Away”

Girlz Rhythm & Rock performance

Workshops including: Bluegrass Jam, Improv, Art Cars and more

Spelling Bee


10th Annual Arm Wrestling Tournament

Crafts and workshops and sports and games and more!


Thurs 3pm – Close
Friday 9am – 5pm
Saturday 9am – 5pm
Sunday 9am – 3pm

2019  Crones’ Crossing

We are a relaxed, emergent, and purposeful, diverse group of gals, 50 years and older. Bonded by years and common experiences, we honor our past, celebrate our presence and destined to create our future! 

In Crones Crossing, we advocate trying new things, gaming, creating, dating, puzzling as we listen to 50 years of womyns music in an informal setting. (Again, this year, we will be located by the food vendors with accessibility van stops nearby.)

Welcome all of the age: we hope you will find sanctuary in our space be to alone or together relating past adventures that usually end with a laugh and unison: “Been there, Done that! ”

Child Care Changes for 2019

This year the Ohio Lesbian Festival will be offering a space for parents and guardians to coordinate their own child care cooperative within the festival. Rather than the scheduled hours and festival staffed child care that OLF has provided in the past, this year parents are invited to design and staff the child care area according to their needs. The festival will provide the designated child care space, easy-ups for shade, supplies & toys, and the wonderful playground that is part of Hoover Y Park. For 2019, boys aged 6 and under are allowed on the festival grounds. No boys, over 6 years of age, will be allowed in any part of the festival grounds.


If you are planning on bringing children to OLF this September and want to join in the conversation, get to know other parents who will be attending, and share ideas & resources please request membership to the OLF Child Care Co-op group on facebook If you have any questions about the child care cooperative please contact Christy at ohiofestchristy@aol.com


What is the WOC/NIW Sanctuary?

We are a welcome center for Womyn of Color, Native and Indigenous Womyn. It’s a warm and friendly place to hang out, socialize or find a quiet corner. Here we find support, form discussion groups, offer workshops and networking, as well as planned and spontaneous activities.

Within this multicultural atmosphere, we offer the unique opportunity to explore and reclaim our many and varied traditions. On The Patio we invite ALL womyn to come together for conversations, community and additional workshops.


Glow Party with Dj Unecc

Friday, Sept 20, 12am – 3am
After Friday Night Stage join us in the Rise as we sweat the night away. 
There will be live painting with well-known tattoo artists Fawn Baker
Adult only

2019 Haven

What is the Haven?

The Haven is a sensory-intentional space welcoming everyone at festival with self-lead activities on hand to promote physical and mental relaxation or stimulus, depending on individual needs, including comfy places to sit, meditate, read, journal, relax in a hammock, engage in sensory play/activities, craft, paint etc. 

Haven’s mission:

The Haven’s mission is to provide sensory input options, maintain a space charged with calming and peaceful intention, and provide avenues for self-care, self-soothing, resilience, and recovery.

Haven Workshops:

This year the Haven will again host several workshops. Please see the OLF program book or app for more details.

Haven Expectations:

  • Absolutely no racism, xenophobia, transphobia, ableism, audism, sexism, ageism, homophobia, fatphobia, or other forms of violence will be accepted in this space. 
  • We encourage festival attendees and crew to not engage in bystander behavior, instead to address consciously or unconsciously violent words or actions. In order to create as physically, emotionally, and spiritually a safe(r) space as possible for all attendees, either address directly with others or seek the support of a Haven crew member or the festival leadership with any concerns. 
  • The Haven is intended for use by individuals or small groups (2-4), with the exception of during workshops.
  • Children 12 and under should be accompanied by a guardian.
  • Be respectful of others.
  • Maintain a quiet environment in and around the space.
  • No substance use while in or around the space.
  • Please leave the area as you found it, returning supplies to their bins.
  • We look forward to meeting you at the Haven!

Please direct any questions to the area coordinator Jo Moore via olfhaven@gmail.com.

Deaf Base is a place for Deaf, Hard of Hearing, DeafBlind, DeafDisabled womyn and other ASL users, including interpreters, to gather and share in communication, community, and resources.

 Deaf Base is where you go to request any ASL interpreter needs – workshops, individual appointments with vendors, or work crews.  Day and Night stage performances already have interpreters provided.  It is appreciated if interpreter requests can be submitted as early as possible within 24 hours, but exceptions for last minute requests will be accepted if resources are available.

 Deaf Base will be hosting a Meet-Up at the festival on Thursday evening at 7pm.  This is a great opportunity to meet other DDBDDHOH womyn and interpreters that are at the festival.  Make sure you come and introduce yourself!

 There is no specific Deaf camping area this year.  You are welcome to camp wherever you like in the designated camping areas.  If you feel you need more accessibility for camping, please apply to camp in Accessible Camping.  This form can be found under camping.

There is a small designated area for those who need access to interpreters during the stage performances on the left front corner.  There is no need to request seating for performances.

 If you need or would like more information, feel free to contact Deaf Base coordinator Laura SkyQuest at sunlaura7@gmail.com.

2019 Intuitive Archery at the LBA Ohio Lesbian Festival

Archery is an Amazon tradition 


Whether you’ve never held a bow or already love traditional archery, please join us for an intuitive approach to this tribal, female rite.  Archery can be a very empowering experience: we like to say: “Hesitation to Empowerment in 12 Arrows!” 
Not to mention, it’s really fun!

Workshops and open range times will be ongoing throughout the festival. Check your program for time and event details. The workshops are intended for those 16 and up; however, if we can accommodate girls from 8-15 who attend with a responsible adult (who stays throughout the session), we will.

There will be:

    • Workshop training sessions for new and returning archers. 
    • A Workshop session to improve shooting form and/or to learn more about archery equipment for those who want to advance their skills.  
    • Open Range Sessions for the sheer joy of shooting arrows!  
    • Two Archery Meditation sessions during which the range will be a non-conversational sacred space in which experienced archers can set their intention, then let loose their arrows to soar toward their hearts’ desire. 
    • Experienced Drummers and Singing in Sacred Circle Women are invited to join in and help set the women’s tribal intention of these shared meditations.
    • All are welcome to join the meditation aspect of these sessions, but PLEASE NOTE that shooting meditation will be specifically for women who have already been trained by us or by Falcon River, know range protocols and the equipment they need; instruction will not be available during these non-conversational sessions. 
    • There will be limited use of incense at the shooting-line during the mediation archery; however, those with significant smoke/scent-sensitivities can stop by the range beforehand to make accommodation arrangements.

General Information: 

Should anyone have special needs, please let us know; we will try to accommodate everyone.  If you think archery is an activity that just won’t work for your body/self, come talk to us!  We can offer many alternative ways to shoot to fit your needs. One can shoot in a seated position, use alternative hand positions, have physical assistance, and/or a bow one can easily pull back to shoot. Come give it a try and see how it goes!  If you are having difficulty or have questions, one of the archery crewmembers will be happy to help.  

Set your inner Amazon free!

Bows, arrows, and safety equipment are provided for all archery sessions. Safety equipment is required for all.

Feel free to bring your own traditional archery equipment; however, we cannot accommodate high poundage or compound bows, or other projectile sports.  The range can only be used during workshop or open range times when crew is present.

 Attendance at Archery Events certifies that you are not under the influence of mind-altering substances, will follow safety protocols and assume full liability for your participation. 


The Archery Coordinators, Karen and dorrie, served on the MichFest archery crew with Falcon River, and fell in love with this sacred, meditative sport; they are certified, Level Two Instructors with USA Archery. The Intuitive Archery Crew is made up of experienced, enthusiastic archers Desiree, Ro & Jenn. This will be the fourth year of archery at OLF.  See you there! 

Shop with us to support the Ohio Lesbian Festival

OLF Merchandise and Mercantile Booth are located near the stage seating area.  

OLF Merchandise will include Ohio Lesbian Festival sweatshirts, t-shirts, hats, bandanas, cups, mugs, patches, stickers, lighters and other souvenirs.

The Mercantile is where you can find amazing one-of-a-kind items that have been donated by OLF attendees and supporters.  Included are womyn/lesbian interest books, music, memorabilia and collectibles.

Raffle prizes will be displayed at the Merchandise Booth and that is where raffle winners will pick up their prizes. 

Merchandise & Mercantile Booth Hours:

  • Thursday 3pm -Sundown
  • Friday 9am- Sundown
  • Saturday 9am- Sundown
  • Sunday 9am – 3pm

We accept cash, check with ID and credit cards.

“Where coffee’s always on”

We open each morning @ 8:00am
We will remain open @ least 30 mins after the close of RISE

All 12-step meetings begin on the ½  hour

We remain open until a ½ hr after the close of RISE!

Stop by on your way Home


We have a 24 Hr. Recovery Central HOTLINE

for anonymous 12-step support by phone, text or meeting
All welcome!

Do you feel stuck?
Are opioids ripping your family apart?
A drug is a drug…alcohol is a drug.
Come sit with your sisters at Recovery Central


2019 Recovery Central


Thursday pm

8:30 Al-anon/ACOA

    10:30 AA/NA

Friday and  Saturday

8:30   Al-anon/ACOA 

9:30  AA/NA

    11:30    Generic

2:30 AA/NA

3:30   Al-anon/ACOA 

5:30 Generic


8:30      Al-anon/ACOA 

    10:30    AA/NA


Hoover Y
1570 Rohr Road, Lockbourne, OH

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