September 20-23rd, 2018


Festival Areas

What sevices that OLF Provides for All attendees.

We’re Building a Global Community-with you!- at the Ohio Lesbian Festival

The Ohio Lesbian Festival has grown momentously over the past couple of years. There are some wonderful changes coming in 2018 and we look forward to sharing these with you as the festival season approaches.

Nurturing this womyn’s community, and finding new ways for each woman to be a part of that community building, is an important part of the Ohio Lesbian Festival. Clearly, we all value this festival and what it brings into our lives, much more than a vacation – it allows each of us to grow and belong to a womyn’s village of diversity and sharing. The Planning Team was excited by the outpouring of enthusiasm by attendee volunteers last year- so we are taking that a step further!

This year we are inviting each attendee to join in creating this community by participating in a 2 hour Community Work Shift.
There will be a variety of things to pick from for every ability-from shady sitting to sunny set up and everything in between.

The process is very simple – when you purchase your ticket(s) you will be able to select a day/time slot. When you arrive at Festival, you will stop by the Community Shift Tent-it will be well marked & you can look for it on the map! There you will be able to see what kind of needs there are in the different areas, at the time you signed up for.
If you find you need to change your community shift day/time to another time slot, that can easily be handled with the person at the Community Shift Tent, as well.

We are excited to welcome each of you into this process of working together to build a stronger community and honoring our individual strengths.

OLF Cafe

Everyone’s favorite spot…for coffee

Come get your “honey” from the goddesses of the dawn! Nothing gives us greater joy than serving you coffee with your sleepy faces and bedhead in the morning. We are open all day long and into the night to keep you refreshed and enjoying the festival.

Our coffee has been donated for the 3rd year in a row by lesbian-friendly, Columbus-based Thunderkiss Coffee (@TkissCoffee). Thunderkiss Coffee is locally roasted, Fair Trade, and sold at two lesbian-owned businesses in Columbus: Bake Me Happy (@BakeMeHappyGF) and Bexley Coffee Shop(@BexleyCoffee & @BexleyCoffeeShop).

The Rise! is OLF’s vibrant social gathering space to play, relax, laugh and share.   

2018 Activities will include :

First timers & Singles Dinner Gatherings
Open Mics
OLF Fashion Show
9th Annual Arm Wrestling Tournament
Spelling Bee
Speed dating
Late night events

Crafts and workshops and sports and games and more!


Thurs 3pm – midnight
Friday 9am – midnight
Saturday 9am – midnight
Sunday 9am – 3pm

2018  Crones’ Crossing

Calling all Crones! Saturday at 10 am we will have a workshop, by LilyBeth Carmen & Patti Wigington to provide history, perspective, and answer your questions about Crones & Croning. The actual Croning Ceremony is for gals in their early -fifties or older, who have completed menopause. We believe It is time to celebrate arriving at this age/stage of our lives. While we look back with respect, we do look around with awareness, and we must look to our individual & communal futures with confidence & joy. Come learn more about this celebration, and if you feel good about this concept- we’ll be holding a Croning Ceremony at 11:15 this same Saturday morning, with a light repast to follow. Crones’ Crossing is in the Ingram Building and as the actual ceremony will be a closed event, this building will be temporarily closed for it, and reopen immediate afterwards.
Patti Wigington has been part of the Pagan community for thirty years, and works as an author and educator in the Pagan community. Since 2007, she has run the Paganism and Wicca page for ThoughtCo (formerly, and is the author of two books on modern witchcraft, Wicca Practical Magic and Daily Spell Book for the Good Witch. Patti has a BA in History from Ohio University, and is active in her local community, staying involved in volunteer work, political activism, and women’s rights issues. She and her family live in Lancaster, and you can find her online at
Lily Beth is ordained as a full priestess in the Clan of the Stone Circle, a Celtic-Pagan group in Reynoldsburg, and has been a part of the Central Ohio Pagan community for over 20 years. LilyBeth is an educator & activist, and is co- owner of the Blessed Be Spiritual Shop, in Grove City. She is fully licensed with the state of Ohio to preform marriages. LilyBeth preformed our Croning last year and we’re please to have her with us this year.
If at this point, you are certain you’d like to participate you may email Carol, one of the Crones’ Crossing area coordinators, to have a place held for you. Indeed, if you have any questions or concerns about this celebration, you may email Carol, at peacewk1@ She will respond promptly.

Welcome to Crones’ Crossing!   Ours is a festival area designed for gals 50 years and older, where we can relax a bit, socialize, craft, organize, and be ourselves!  This year we are located in the Ingram Building, a central location, with ample space for setting down your backpacks, for resting, working a puzzle or playing cards, chatting in comfort, for attending workshops,  and working at crafts activities.

As we did last year. Crones’ Crossing is sponsoring a Croning Ceremony, beginning with an informational/preparatory workshop Saturday morning, 10 am,  the actual ceremony will be from 11:15 -12:30 pm- Saturday.

Again, as last year, we’ll be making blankets for women & children at a nearby domestic violence shelter and small blankets for a local cat shelter.   This year we’ll be making mid-sized blankets for the county dog shelter. Donations of fleece, 1 ½ yd by 1 ½ yard are appreciated, as is warm soft material the size of bath towels.  

Crones’ Crossing is open at 3 pm on Thursday, and 9 am Friday, Saturday, and Sunday , and closes at 8 pm. Nightly. Please see the activity/workshop schedule for specific events & times.

Bringing Children to the Festival?

Ohio Lesbian Festival Childcare 2018

The Ohio Lesbian Festival is excited to offer childcare for girls of all ages. For 2018, boys aged 6 and under are allowed on festival grounds. No boys, over 6 years of age, will be allowed in any part of the festival grounds. Boys, age 6 years and under, can be pre-registered for childcare or remain with their parent/guardian throughout the festival land during the entire weekend.  We will provide safe, inclusive, and fun care for all children whose parent(s) or legal guardian(s) purchase tickets prior to the festival. Due the unpredictable number of children attending the festival, we ask that any parent/guardian requesting childcare submit a pre-registration form electronically no later than one week prior to the festival in order to guarantee adequate supervision for your children. While pre-registration is not a mandatory requirement this year, children whose parents or guardians purchase tickets at the gate will only receive childcare on a space available basis. Children are encouraged and permitted in the childcare area that do not have festival-arranged childcare, however their parent/guardian must remain with them at all times.  

Childcare Registration Form

Workshops and activities will be available and posted so that families/children can plan to attend. We are still working on the schedule. Anyone with fun, child-friendly workshop ideas or activities, please contact the childcare coordinator.

Childcare Hours

Childcare will be available during the following times:

Thursday: 3pm – 7pm

Friday: 9am – 12pm

1pm – 4pm

5pm – 7pm

Saturday: 9am – 12pm

1pm – 4pm
5pm – 7pm

Sunday: 10am – 1pm

 2pm – 4pm

As you can see, we close for breaks throughout the day. This allows us to rest, cleanup and get new volunteers oriented. These breaks also allow families to come together for meals, rest and playtime. We will open and close on time and it is imperative that all children be picked up on time. Any children who are not picked up on time will be taken to security and the family will risk losing childcare for the remainder of the festival.


Only snacks and water are provided. All meals are not provided. We tend to offer fruit, veggies and crackers for snack. Childcare will be a nut-free zone and we request that families not bring any food into the childcare area unless it is pre-approved by the childcare coordinator or a designated crew member.


We will ask each family to fill out a brief form which will include allergies. We will provide basic first aid and will have an epi(nephrine) pen available in the event of an emergency.

Bug spray, sunscreen and medications

We do not administer bug spray, sunscreen or any medications. Please do this prior to arrival at childcare.


Children ages 5 and under are required to remain in the childcare area until they are signed out by an approved adult. Children ages 6 and above may wander with parent/guardian approval and a signed waiver. Wanderers must sign themselves in and out of childcare so that we know which children we are supervising.


What is the WOC/NIW Sanctuary?

We are a welcome center for Womyn of Color, Native and Indigenous Womyn. It’s a warm and friendly place to hang out, socialize or find a quiet corner. Here we find support, form discussion groups, offer workshops and networking, as well as planned and spontaneous activities.

Within this multicultural atmosphere, we offer the unique opportunity to explore and reclaim our many and varied traditions. On The Patio we invite ALL womyn to come together for conversations, community and additional workshops.


Thursday, September 20 9pm – 12am

Pajama Party with Dj Zesty
Kick off Pajama Party at the Shelter House, whether you sleep naked, in boxers, in a fun onesie or that nice silk nightie you’ve been wanting to bust out.
The dance is kid-friendly from 9-10pm, adult only after 10pm.
Friday, Sept 21, 12am – 3am
Glow Party with Dj Unecc
After Friday Night Stage join us in the Rise as we sweat the night away.
There will be live painting with well-known tattoo artists Fawn Baker and Andala Rea
Adult only
We are excited to bring back the Haven for its third year at OLF! The Haven was created in order to provide a sensory-friendly space for anyone seeking a soothing environment during the festival. Various self-lead activities and materials are on hand to promote physical and mental relaxation or stimulus, depending on your needs. Visit the Haven to de-stress, renew, or release by enjoying comfy places to sit, meditation spaces, journaling, relaxing in a hammock, sensory play, crafting, reading, and coloring.

This year the Haven will host a few workshops corresponding with its mission to create a peaceful space for attendees, provide sensory input for folks with sensory needs, maintain a space charged with calming intention, and promote self-care, resilience, and recovery. Please see the OLF program book for more details on workshop titles and hosts.

When you visit the Haven, we ask that you please keep in mind the following:

  • The Haven is intended for use by individuals or small groups, not as a large gathering space, with the exception of workshops
  • Children 12 and under should be accompanied by a guardian at all times
  • Use the area as needed, leaving it available for others who may need it and its supplies after you
  • Be respectful of others
  • Maintain a quiet environment in and around the space  
  • No substance use while in or around the space
  • Please leave the area as you found it, returning supplies to their bins

We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to the Haven!

Deaf Base is a place for Deaf, Hard of Hearing, DeafBlind, DeafDisabled womyn and other ASL users, including interpreters, to gather and share in communication, community, and resources.

 Deaf Base is where you go to request any ASL interpreter needs – workshops, individual appointments with vendors, or work crews.  Day and Night stage performances already have interpreters provided.  It is appreciated if interpreter requests can be submitted as early as possible within 24 hours, but exceptions for last minute requests will be accepted if resources are available.

 Deaf Base will be hosting a Meet-Up at the festival on Thursday evening at 7pm.  This is a great opportunity to meet other DDBDDHOH womyn and interpreters that are at the festival.  Make sure you come and introduce yourself!

 There is no specific Deaf camping area this year.  You are welcome to camp wherever you like in the designated camping areas.  If you feel you need more accessibility for camping, please apply to camp in Accessible Camping.  This form can be found under camping.

There is a small designated area for those who need access to interpreters during the stage performances on the left front corner.  There is no need to request seating for performances.

 If you need or would like more information, feel free to contact Deaf Base coordinator Laura SkyQuest at

Whether you’ve never held a bow or already love traditional archery, please join us for an intuitive approach to this tribal, female rite.  

Workshops (and open range times for those already trained) will be ongoing during the festival. There will be workshops for initial training, and an additional section for those who have shot before but would like to work on improving their form.  All needed equipment is provided.

The “Maiden and Mother” Archery workshop, for girls 8+ with an adult, will continue this year.  The younger archer will learn the basics and teach their grown-up(s) what they have learned.

The Archery Coordinators, Karen and dorrie, served on the MichFest archery crew with Falcon River and fell in love with this sacred, meditative sport; they are certified, Level Two Instructors with USA Archery.  This will be the third year of archery at OLF.

Feel free to bring your own traditional archery equipment; however, we cannot accommodate high poundage compound bows or other projectile sports.  Safety equipment is required for all.


2018 Archery Area Program Information

Archery  – General Information

The Archery Coordinators, Karen and dorrie, served on the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival archery crew with Falcon River and fell in love with this sacred, meditative sport; they are certified instructors with USA Archery.  The crew includes archers Desiree, Ro, and Jenn. A range of equipment to meet different women’s needs is provided; safety equipment is required for all. We hope to see you there!

Attendance certifies that you are not under the influence of mind-altering substances, will follow safety protocols, and you assume full liability for your participation.

Feel free to bring your own traditional archery equipment; however, we cannot accommodate compound bows or other projectile sports.


Friday Workshop 10:00-12:00

Whether you’ve never held a bow or already love traditional archery, please join us for an intuitive approach to this tribal, female rite.  Within a supportive group of women, set an intention in your heart, release your desire as your arrow flies. And, it’s just fun! We will introduce the traditional archery shooting form, and adapt that form to match each woman’s needs.  Equipment and safety protocols will be covered, so please arrive by 10:00. A range of equipment to meet different women’s needs is provided. Safety equipment is required for all. For ages 16 and up

Attendance certifies that you are not under the influence of mind-altering substances, will follow safety protocols, and assume full liability for your participation.


Saturday Workshop 10:00-12:00

The “Maiden and Mother” Archery workshop is for girls 7+ with their grownup(s) also attending for the whole workshop. Arrive by 10:00- safety information will be gone over first! Then the younger archers will learn the basics while the grownups get some time to discuss what you love about parenting – unless your maiden needs your assistance (bring your coffee!).   Next the maiden will teach their grownup(s) what they have learned and all will shoot together. Come and earn your Amazon Archery badge! All equipment provided; safety equipment is required.

Attendance certifies that you are not under the influence of mind-altering substances, will follow safety protocols, and assume full liability for your participation.


Sunday Workshop 10:00-12:00

This is a two-tiered workshop. New to Archery: see the Friday Archery Workshop info. If you are an Experienced Archers: come and learn some details about equipment and work on your archery technique. Please arrive by 10:00.  All equipment provided; safety equipment is required.

Attendance certifies that you are not under the influence of mind-altering substances, will follow safety protocols, and assume full liability for your participation


Open Range Thursday 3:00-5:00

Archery Range will be open, come on over!  Equipment to meet a variety of needs is provided; safety equipment is required.  Attendance certifies that you are not under the influence of mind-altering substances, will follow safety protocols, and assume full liability for your participation.


Open Range Friday, Saturday 2:00-3:30

Open Range time is for experienced archers to have time to shoot.  If you have not yet had archery training with our crew or Falcon we will have mini workshops beginning at 2:00, 2:30 & 3:00; be there at the start time.  Equipment provided. All equipment provided; safety equipment is required.


Archery Meditation Friday and Saturday 4:00-5:00

This will be a non-talking archery time (except for safety needs).  We will take turns shooting at blank targets as we set our personal intention. This must be for experienced archers only as instruction will not be possible: others are welcome to come and join in their own non-shooting meditations.  Drummers are welcome to join and set the women’s tribal intent of this shared meditation.  

Shop with us to support the Ohio Lesbian Festival

OLF Merchandise and Mercantile Booth are located near the stage seating area.  

OLF Merchandise will include Ohio Lesbian Festival sweatshirts, t-shirts, hats, bandanas, cups, mugs, patches, stickers, lighters and other souvenirs.

The Mercantile is where you can find amazing one-of-a-kind items that have been donated by OLF attendees and supporters.  Included are womyn/lesbian interest books, music, memorabilia and collectibles.

Merchandise & Mercantile Booth Hours:

  • Thursday 3pm -9pm
  • Friday 9am-9pm
  • Saturday 9am-11pm
  • Sunday 9am – 3pm

We accept cash, check with ID and credit cards.


will open each morning @ 8:00am
We will remain open @ least 30 mins after the close of RISE

All 12-step meetings begin on the ½  hour
All welcome!


Stop by the Recovery Central tent.
We offer all, a friendly
greeting, a schedule of recovery meetings and general support.

Find old friends and make new ones.

12-step meetings are Open to all.


 Find a Clean & Sober Sisterhood at the 2018 Ohio Lesbian Festival

We’ll  have a 24 Hr. Recovery Central HOTLINE


for anonymous 12-step support by phone, text or meeting


Hoover Y
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