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Information below is 2018 Crew Information.  Updated information will be up soon.  Information below is subject to change.

Become Part of the 2018 Team

Thank you for considering becoming a part of the team creating the 2018 Ohio Lesbian Festival!  We work very hard to coordinate team needs and it is important that you understand the expectations of team members.  This year there are multiple options for you to plug in and help make the 2018 Ohio Lesbian Festival an amazing event and to create community for everyone.

Working as a member of the OLF team is a rewarding experience.  “Making Festival” is a way to enjoy the festival, make new friends, help other sisters to have a great weekend, and be a part of making the magik happen.

We need lots of help and there is a place for you, your schedule and your abilities to join the fun!

Crew Opportunities

Crew Womyn dedicate 4-6 days to work at OLF, includes admission & meals.  There are 2 schedules depending on your availability.

Set UpStrike/ Crew

Helping with set-up, lots of moving and hauling.  This is an active crew so come prepared to be physical during set up days.  On Thursday you will transfer to your festival crew.


  • Arrive Monday evening or Tuesday by 12 Noon
  • Report for work Tuesday at 1 PM – after lunch
  • We need help Sunday & Monday –  “stay late” options available
  • Depart Sunday evening or Monday morning unless otherwise assigned
  • Approximate work expectation – 40 hours

Festival Crew

Assigned to specific area of festival to help finish setting up and staff individual areas.    Different areas will have different physical requirements.



  • Arrival Wednesday evening or Thursday by 10 AM
  • Report for work Thursday at 11 AM
  • Departure Sunday evening or Monday morning unless otherwise assigned
  • Approximate work expectation – 28 hours
Special Duty Crews
Inventory / Logistics Crew
(limited to 8 womyn)
  • Report for work Monday September 17, 2018 @ 9 AM at the storage garage in Columbus
  • Tuesday and Wed – on festival site unload and distribute inventory
  • Thursday – complete unfinished tasks and assist with load in  3PM – 7 PM
  • Friday & Saturday of festival – no work commitment required
  • Report for work Sunday 3 PM to begin Load out
  • Work Monday September 24, 2018 to unload and arrange storage garage

Security Crew – This crew is vital to keeping the festival a safer space for all.

  • Security team starts working on Tuesday at 10 AM
  • Security is provided 24 hours a day through Overnight shift on Sunday evening
  • Training provided

Work Exchange Opportunities

Work Exchange Womyn dedicate 5-12 hours to work at OLF in exchange for arrival time or $ refund for work completed.

ACE Team

Womyn who wish to arrive early and help with load in, and/or wish to stay after the festival to help with load out.  You are expected to purchase your ticket. If you hate to leave the party and want to stay overnight on Sunday evening – you can sign up for the ACE team and help with load out and strike tasks on Sunday evening and enjoy an extra night of camping on the land in exchange for your help.

  • Regular ticket purchase
  • 5 hour work commitment
  • Womyn can sign up for both ACE of Hearts and Ace of Diamonds if they wish and can commit to both work obligations (10 hours total)
Hearts arrive early on Thursday (noon) – beat the line and get first choice of camp sites

  • Check in for orientation and work assignment 1 PM Thursday
  • Work 5 hours on Thursday afternoon / evening
camp overnight Sunday must leave by noon on Monday

  • Check in for orientation and work assignment 2 pm Sunday
  • Work 5 hours on Sunday afternoon / evening

Pay it Forward Team

Womyn who do not have the flexibility to sign up for a full crew position or can’t meet the arrival and departure requirements still have an opportunity to plug in to help create the Ohio Lesbian Festival.  

  • Regular ticket purchase
  • $50 refund in exchange for 6 hours of work
  • Maximum refund  $100 for 12 hours work
  • Refund voucher provided after work shifts completed
  • Advanced application required


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