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We’ve compiled the most frequently asked questions below. 
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Where does the festival take place?
The Ohio Lesbian Festival takes place at Hoover Y Park,  65 acres of sun-dappled lawns and shady woods, only minutes from downtown Columbus.  The address is 1570 Rohr Rd, Lockbourne, OH 43137.  
When do the gates open?

The gate times are as follows:

Thursday, Sept.  19 : 3pm – 10pm
Friday, Sept.  20 : 9am – 10pm
Saturday, Sept. 21 : 9am – 9pm
Sunday, Sept. 22 : 9am – 4pm

The Ohio Lesbian Festival and Hoover Y Park are gun free/weapon free zones.
The Ohio Lesbian Festival and Hoover Y Park are gun free / weapon free zones.  No firearms (including concealed carry with a permit) are permitted on the property.
What happens when I arrive?
If you plan to arrive on Thursday you can expect a bit of line at the Front Gate.  Have your tickets ready, or if you are buying your tickets at the box office, you will be told where to park.  You will be given your wrist band, your festival program and sent on to camping and parking.
Are there different camping areas?
Yes, there are.   We are working on the placement and details . Please check back often.
What about safety and security at the Ohio Lesbian Festival?
We take Safety seriously at the Ohio Lesbian Festival. We are planning for the security of 2018, so check back soon for updated information.
Can I bring my RV?
There are large sections of flat terrain for the RV’s.  There will be both General RV areas and Access Rv areas.  Applications will be available soon for all RV’s, please check back often
Can I bring my pets with me?
NO ANIMALS are permitted at the Ohio Lesbian Festival except one registered assistance animal per person.   You will be required to register your assistance animal at the Box Office and receive a tag.

If you have to bring your pets that are not assistance animals, the link for areas kennels will be posted soon.   

Is there childcare at the festival?

The Ohio Lesbian Festival will be offering a space for parents and guardians to coordinate their own child care cooperative within the festival. Rather than the scheduled hours and festival staffed child care that OLF has provided in the past, this year parents are invited to design and staff the child care area according to their needs.  Please follow this link for further information and to join the Child Care Co-op group on facebook.

Can I leave the festival and return?
Yes, you can.  You will be given a wristband when you check in at Box Office and that will be your pass to leave and re-enter the festival gate at any time.  Remember, until you have checked in at Festival (only during Box Office hours) you will not have a wristband.
I don't want to camp, are there any nearby hotels?
There are are many options in the area.  We will be updating the area lodging options soon.
Can I bring a bike or golf cart?
No, you can’t.   Due to safety reasons you must either walk or ride the accessibility vehicle.
Is there food at the festival or should I bring my own?
There will be a variety womyn-owned and operated food trucks at the festival.   The festival-run cafe, Aurora’s Honey Pot, will provide all your drink and snack needs.  You can also prepare your own food at your tent site, camp stoves and grills are approved.  Ice is available at the cafe.
What accessibility services do you offer?
All stages are ASL interpreted, workshops and other events are ASL interpreted as needed.  Just stop by the Deaf Womyn Services Tent to make a request.

There are 2 accessibility vehicles that make loops through the festival grounds with stops at accessible camping, main stage, kitchen and elsewhere.   There are accessible porta-janes throughout the land.

If you need assistance with setting up your campsite you will need to fill out an application and we will have volunteers ready to assist you.

If you require electricity at your campsite – for medical reasons only, there will be an application available to request the electric services.

There is a designated accessible parking area, accessible camping area and wheelchair designated space at the stages.

Is there a lost and found?
Yes, stop by Home Base and see if someone has turned in your missing item.   If you find an object that does not belong to you or your friends around you, please turn into Home Base.  We make every effort to hold onto lost items as long as we can to hope it finds its way home to the rightful owner.
What should I bring?
We will be linking a general packing list and items you may need to make your weekend enjoyable.
Will there be Ohio Lesbian Festival merchandise and souvenirs to purchase?
Yes, there will be! Stop by the General Store inside The Rise!  and check out the 2018 selection of OLF clothing, memorabilia and more.  There will be a Rise link which will have all the updated information and activities.
Will my cell phone work at the festival?
There are numerous cell phone towers in the area and so most cell phones will have reception.

Please keep in mind with your cell phone’s cameras, never take a picture without consent of all womyn that will be in the picture.

Can I have a fire at my campsite?
No, due to safety reasons no personal fires are allowed.  There are established community fire-pits at the festival which will be stocked with firewood.
How can I find a ride to or from the festival?
You can go to the Ohio Lesbian Festival Ride Board!    Join up and find a ride or offer a ride to someone else.  Save money on gas and make new friends!
Is there a sober support area at the festival?
Yes, it is called Recovery Central. Link will be posted soon.

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