2017 Crew

2017 Worker Crew applications Now available

An open request to our beautiful and loving womyn’s community:

We are so excited that the 28th Ohio Lesbian Festival will begin in less than 1 week. Moving to a new and larger location is incredibly inspiring for all of us on the OLF Planning Team. We can’t wait to welcome to your new festival home. We are also concerned that we may not have enough womyn signed up to work at the festival this year. We understand that the commitment to be a crew worker means that womyn give up a lot of their free time at the festival and we don’t expect that every womyn is able to join the crew team. What we are asking is that any womyn who is able and willing to please consider signing up for a 4-hour volunteer shift (or 2) while you are at OLF. We want to be able to provide you with the services you have come to expect at OLF : getting each attendee through the Box Office process as quickly as possible, being able to safely direct womyn to their camping areas, providing accessibility services, and being able to maintain all the facilities in a clean and orderly manner.
If you are willing to help out with this endeavor, to be a part of what makes the Ohio Lesbian Festival run efficiently and empower our community of womyn, then please email Christy at christyfulton8@gmail.com to offer your assistance. If you’re attending with friends we can definitely schedule you all to work together at the same time.

Thank you for considering becoming a member of the Crew for the 2017 Ohio Lesbian Festival.  Please read the following very carefully before you complete your application.  There are LOTS of changes this year and we want to make sure that you understand the commitment you are making as a member of Crew.

We will have two different types of Crew this year – short crew and long crew.  Please read carefully before deciding which Crew type to apply for.  We depend on all Crew to commit to the requirements of each type in order to pull off an amazing festival.

Hey Crew!  We are looking forward to the 2017 Ohio Lesbian Festival and are excited to be receiving Crew applications.  We want you to know that we heard your concerns and are working on plans to make your crew experience a wonderful thing!  So, we are working on a plan to make sure all Crew has plenty of food and water at all times (and all posts).  We are also working on having a Crew (quiet) camping area.  Of course…we can’t make any guarantees about quite times but we know you need your well-deserved rest and relaxation…so we will do everything we can.

Crew Expectations

If you have any Questions, please email Sue

Long Crew

Long crew arrives Tuesday night or Wednesday by 10am.  You will work a total of 6 days (2 – four hour days and 4 – 8 hour days).  Most long crew will assist with set up on Wednesday and Sunday night/Monday morning).  Long crew leaves Monday by 2pm.

Short Crew

Short Crew arrives on Wednesday night or Thursday before 10am.  You will work a total of 28 hours within those 4 days (1 – four hour day, 3 – eight hour days).  The schedule is determined by the coordinator of the crew.  Short crew leaves on Sunday and must be off site by 6pm.

Mini Crew

Mini crew must arrive by 9am on Friday and departure by 6pm on Sunday You will work 12 hours total within a 4 day period (either 3- 4 hrs shifts or 1-4 hour & 1-8 hour shifts).  Most mini crew will assist crews during festival.  In exchange, each mini crew workers will be refunded $75 after work shifts have been completed (4 day ticket must be purchased before application).

2017 ACE Team

Amazons Come Early – ACE Team

With an influx of so many womyn this year and a new venue, we need help to guide the womyn thru the gates with smiles and ease. Be ready to have fun and be a part of making sure all the womyn have a wonderful arrival!
We have a limited amount of ACE TEAM spots available, so apply early.
For those unfamiliar, ACE Team offers attendees with paid tickets the opportunity to volunteer for 4 hours, in exchange for being able to come in the gates early or stay  late.

ACE of Hearts – coming in early and help with load in.

  • Each ACE of Hearts applicant will commit to volunteer for a Minimum of 4 hours to help with Thurs (Sept 14th) afternoon Gate Opening (3pm).
  • The work shift times will begin at 2 pm. You will get your specific assignment when you arrive
  • In exchange, you will be permitted to arrive at gate early (10am-12pm) on Thursday to enter and set up your campsite.
  • You will need to check in at designated area by 2pm to be trained, be assigned a position and a specific shift.
  • Will include standing and walking and helping to usher womyn thru the gate and help them navigate the check in and set up process.

ACE of Diamonds – stay late and help with load out and strike. .

  • Sunday Load out of campers and help with strike of festival equipment. In exchange, you will be allowed to stay and camp overnight on Sunday for leaving on Monday by noon.
  • Time of shift will be determined after you arrive, so check in at home base by Friday so we can give you a time for your Sunday shift.

You can apply for both positions if you would like but you would be required to work 2 shifts, one 4 hour shift on Thursday at load in and one 4 hour shift on Sunday for strike.
Please, fill out an application with your information, preferences and any limitations. We will do our best to place you in an available position!

ACE Team spots are very limited so apply soon!