Come spend the Weekend Camping with us.


2017 Camping Guidelines

General Info

  • Camping is included in the price of the ticket.
  • Campers may set up their campsites :
    • Thursday from 3pm – 10 pm with the 4 Day pass.
    • Friday  from 9am – 10 pm with the 3 Day pass.
    • Saturday from 9am – 9pm with the 2 Day pass.
  • Campers must be packed up and off site by Sunday evening.



  • There are many potable (drinkable) water spigots throughout the land supplied by a deep well. These will be noted on the map in the program.
  • There will be 14 showers and 6 sinks with hot water available for use during the hours below:
    • Thursday 3pm-9pm
    • Friday 7am-9pm
    • Saturday 7am-9pm
    • Sunday 7am-4pm
  • There will be an accessible shower (more info to come)

Tent Camping

  • With this new venue, the movement of campers and the gear has changed.
  • All campers and their gear will be taken back into the camping camping areas by shuttles.
  • Campers will be directed into the shuttle area to unload their camping gear after they check in at the gate. They will then move their car to the permanent parking area. The shuttle will be loaded and then move through the festival land to get them to the camping area.
  • NO cars will be allowed into the Festival Areas (only in the parking area)
  • Most areas available in general camping are in a sunny field.
  • There will be marked/numbered camping sites that only 3 tents allowed in each site.


RV Info

  • The RV spots in the Camping area are now at capacity, so now we are accepting applications in the overflow RV area.
  • There are limited rustic RV camping spots available. These are not paved pull thru sites.
  • There are no hook-ups available
  • It is Mandatory to fill out this RV Application as there are limited sites available and also to help us plan accordingly. RV is defined as Class A-C campers, travel trailers, pop-ups, fifth wheels and pickup trucks with campers installed in the bed of the truck. We cannot guarantee a spot unless there is an application submitted. If you have any questions on the guidelines and if your camper follows the guidelines, please contact Rosie for clarification.

Car Camping

  • There will be a small section of the permanent parking area set aside for car camping  (they will not be in general camping and they will not be in regular RV areas).
  • You do not need to fill out an application to camp in the car camping area.
  • You will not be able to move your car until Sunday when the festival is over.
  • Camping spots will be distributed on a first come, first served basis. If you wish to car camp next to friends you need to arrive with them.
  • No tents will allowed to be set up in the Car Camping Area for safety (health department regulation)
  • Please plan accordingly as if you end up in the tent camping area, you will be directed back to the car camping area.  So when you enter the gate and head to your destination, please let the crew know that you will be car camping and this will make for a better transition for the weekend.


Accessibility and Electric


Cooking, Fires and Firewood

  • The use of contained camp stoves and grills are permitted.
  • There can be absolutely no open fires outside of the designated fire pits. We will supply each designated fire pit with the necessary supplies, including firewood.
  • Fires must not be left unsupervised and should be tended responsibly while lit.


The OH-Zone

The OH-Zone is the  designated  area for folks to party, howl at the moon, or roar with laughter ’round the campfire all night long, without disturbing neighbors who prefer earlier “quiet hours.”

Camping in the OH-Zone!
Tent camping only is allowed in the OH-Zone. If you are in an RV please fill out the RV camping application and note you want to be close to the O-zone, and we will do our best to accommodate your placement. 

Please note- the OH-Zone is NOT an appropriate place to camp if you have any children in your group.

Accessibility Services

Please follow the link below to Find all things Accessible!