2016 Ohio Lesbian Festival Workshops Information

Announcing the 2016 Ohio Lesbian Festival Workshops

Below are 2 ways to view the Workshop schedule.

Over 50 workshops have been created by our community, please look over and plan your schedule.

Attending 2016 Workshops

  • Workshops are a wonderful way to share our experiences and our truths.
  • They are a place to connect with womyn, learn new skills and hear new ideas.
  • Workshop Central will be a place to find all workshops and times.  Will also be the location for any updates, last minute additions, or cancellations for any workshops.
  • A place to be curious and make mistakes. Grab your chair, come alone or with friends, and ask lots of questions!  
  • Don’t forget to ask permission before you take any pictures!

2016 Ohio Lesbian Festival Workshop Guidelines

Come share your knowledge, expertise and passion with other women at the 2016 Ohio Lesbian Festival by leading a workshop at the Lesbian University (held from Friday thru Sunday during the Festival).  We invite you to fill out the application and submit your workshop proposal.

Once we receive your workshop registration we assume that you will be purchasing a ticket and attending the event. Festival admission is not waived for general workshop presenters, but with every 1 hour presentation, the presenter will receive $10 off ticket pricing (limit $40). Once the workshop(s) is complete at its scheduled time (or it has been rescheduled and facilitated by the Workshop coordinator), you will receive reimbursement at the finance location upon completion of their presentation(s). If you are unable to attend, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can cancel your workshop. Workshops are held (rain or shine).

Occasionally a workshop presenter will have books, records, crafts or other items that they have created and want to make available to the womyn of the Festival. It is important to know that no items can be sold at a workshop or anywhere at the Festival outside of the Vendor area. You can apply for a vendor booth to sell your products if they meet general Vendor area guidelines. Vendor information is available at

Scheduling your workshop and getting it into the Program:

Please use one workshop form per workshop – all of your information is important to us! If we receive your workshop application by August 5th, we will pre-schedule your workshop and include it in the Festival Program.

If we receive your application after August 5th, your workshop will be scheduled but we cannot guarantee that it will be included in the Festival Program. The womyn attending the Festival will learn about workshops scheduled after the program is printed via posted notices near workshop areas.

While at the Festival, if you decide to schedule an additional workshop(s) or want to reschedule your workshop, please speak with the Workshop Coordinator and they will be happy to assist you. If it is raining, workshops are held where scheduled unless it is able to be reschedule with Workshop Coordinator. IMPORTANT: If you need to CANCEL your workshop – even at the last minute – let the Coordinator know. Please do not take this lightly! It is imperative that you take the responsibility to tell the staff that you will be canceling. Womyn make a significant effort to get to the workshop areas on time and the information you are sharing might mean a great deal to them. If you cancel without due notice or don’t show up, it will not only disappoint the womyn attending, it will also affect our ability to schedule your future workshops.

Materials and Supplies:

Available by Request

  • chair for presenter
  • drinking water for presenter
  • bucket of water for crafts activities
  • Electricity (request in application)
  • Covered space (request in application, limited covered spaces available)

 Not Available:

  • running water
  • refrigeration
  • photocopying
  • chairs or drinking water for participants
  • wooden floors or indoor space

Workshop Information for application

Title: Choose a clear and descriptive one to three-word title for the Program.

Description: Give a brief (30 word maximum!) description of your workshop including its format (lecture, discussion, active participation) for the Festival Program’s workshop descriptions.

Workshop Locations: Workshops are held (rain or shine) in areas that could be in an open field, or along a treeline (some areas will not be shaded) with varying degrees of privacy. While every effort is made to separate noisy and quiet workshop, the location in each of the areas varies.

Length: Regular workshops are scheduled daily Friday through Sunday, typically between 9am and 5pm. Most workshops are one to two hours but you can request longer if you feel your subject or activity warrants it.  All efforts will be made to accommodate your request, but timing/scheduling and location limitations will be a factor in when and where we can schedule your presentation

Frequency: Most womyn present their workshop once during the Festival. However, attendees often request that presenters offer workshops twice so that they can have more flexibility in their schedule. If you want to offer your workshop twice, we will do our best to fit both times into the schedule.

Audio Visual Material: If your workshop requires audio-visual equipment, please fill out the application with that information. We cannot provide equipment for any media presentation, but we can try to accommodate space or electric for your set up. There are a limited number of spaces for media workshops so please state your needs and we will try to help in that process.

Special Needs: If, as a facilitator, you have special needs such as a sign language interpreter for yourself (womyn attending your workshop who need an interpreter can arrange this at home base before the workshop), please describe your need on the application and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Follow this link to be taken to the Workshop Proposal
Complete the Workshop application by August 5th,2016

Please contact Red with any questions concerning your application or general questions.