Billboard has recently included the Canadian Mohawk singer/songwriter on their list of people you should know in music while MTV has named her on their list of “Top Gender Bending Artists” as a Two Spirit person.

“Shawnee is an undeniable talent with a unique charm” describes Exclaim magazine. Her voice carries strength and wisdom with a powerful rooted soulfulness.

Her ties and passion for music has been there from the start. Shawnee grew up recording songs on a tape recorder influenced by Yanni, Beethoven and Melissa Etheridge. Her first singing jobs were as a Shania Twain impersonator before she recorded songs for shows like Disney TV while she toured as a

supporting vocalist for major artists. Shawnee released the single “Mirror Me” and it quickly became an anthem of self-identity struggle, empowering strength. The song was supported by Much Music it hit number one on the NAMC before Shawnee performed the song at NYC Pride after Lady GaGa.

Shawnee challenges the boundaries using music to showcase her roots and explore genres of soul, r&b, pop and alternative.

Her recent single “Warrior Heart’ was released to help end Canada’s suicide crisis. Shawnee leads her career path and music in efforts to support, heal and empower.

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June 14, 2019