Big News from the Ohio Lesbian Festival

September 14 - 17, 2017

The Ohio Lesbian Festival has a new home. After extensive research on multiple venues – we have decided on our new location, Legend Valley in eastern Licking County. Legend Valley is larger than our old home at Frontier Ranch and will better accommodate our size and other needs.
Located near Buckeye Lake, Ohio – Legend Valley is only about 15 minutes past the old exit to Frontier Ranch – so all your favorite breakfast places, hotels and camp grounds will still be close at hand. Plus, we are closer to Buckeye Lake and Newark which opens up even more options. There are lots still to be sorted out with our new venue and there will be challenges to solve as we plan for the new location – but we are very excited.
With the decision on the venue – we have dates! The festival will be on our usual 3rd weekend in September. September 14 – 17, 2017. Yes, you read that correctly – we are opening the gates on Thursday! After years of you asking for longer time to camp – we are adding Thursday night camping to the event. Ticket cost, gate times and other details will come soon – we haven’t been able to plan those kinds of things until we had a venue and dates.
That’s all we know at this time – but now that these 2 critical pieces are settled, we can start planning. We promised you venue information and dates as soon as we knew it – so start planning now for the 28th Ohio Lesbian Festival. Don’t miss the fun!